PLEASE NOTE - CHANGE of Delivery Day 
     As of
August 1, 2021
we will change our 

HOME Delivery



Fresh Goat Milk is Currently
on a 5-7 day Wait List - Our Milk
is in HIGH Demand.

IF YOU ARE a Regular Subscribed Goat Milk Customer- no worries- you are covered.
IF YOU ARE not Subscribed, please be aware that the current Pre-Order Fresh Goat milk is currently 5-7 days from the PAID Preorder Date.  - Thanks !


Home Delivery = Tuesdays and Fridays

Please order at Least 1 day in Advance

( We need a day to Whoop it up Fresh! )


See the Coupon / Promo Codes Tab

on Top Menu Line for Special Discount Codes for Orders that Qualify !

IF YOU ARE HAVING any troubles using this website - I am told that your Cellphone / PC may need to use the WIX APP instead. Please Search your App Store for the Free Download -

Ordering is Much Easier when you "Join the Site as a Member"  

Mobile Phone User

 We Now Ship our Hard Cheeses via USPS

   For our Customers who live Outside of our Local Delivery Area,

   Continental USA ONLY - Fill up a Box with your Favorite Cheeses,

   We will pack it with Ice Packs and SHIP it to You !

   USPS= Hard Cheeses Only