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GOUDA Cheese - Aged 1 Year - 

Amish Dutch Recipe, Made from Farmstead Goat and Sheep MilkSuper Creamy, Melt in your Mouth flavor satisfaction. The younger Gouda cheeses will have a more mild, soft, and almost sweet taste and texture. They’re best on sandwiches or crackers.

The older Gouda cheeses become harder, stronger, and darker, taking on a buttery and nutty flavor. The deep flavor of the older Gouda makes it great for cooking (like in some Gouda mac n’ cheese), with crusty bread, or with wine. Nutrition Fact Estimates: (per 1oz serving (28g) )Calories 110Total Fat 8g Saturated 6g Trans Fat 0gTotal Carbohydrate 0gProtein 7gCalcium 240mgPotassium 20mgTotal Sugars 0g

🧀GOUDA (Classic) Goat / Sheep Cheese CREAMY !


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