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Our Milk is Selling Out before its even Milked - Our Goat Ladies have the BEST Tasting and Nutritious Raw Goat Milk.

We are currently Milking 14 Ladies, 2x per Day,  Milk is available to you by Subscription ONLY. 

Please Text or Call us to see if an opening is available for you and your family!


Farm Fresh Raw Goat Milk :   

---Packaged in a Disposable Plastic Milk Jug- choose from

     64 oz (1/2 gallon)

      32 oz (1 quart) 

Can be delivered FRESH Right to Your Front Door! 

Smooth and Creamy. Chocked full of Immune Stystem Boosting Vitamins and Minerals

Google the Benefits of Goat Milk, and Cow Milk  You will be Glad you Did! 

Check Out Dr.Axe 


Milked twice per day from Large Dairy Goats of the Nubian, Toggenburg, Oberhasli, LaMancha, and Alpine Breeds. Each of our Goats have a Name, they are in top Health. A Staff member attends to their every need. All of our milking goats are on site for visiting and education. Our Raw Milk is tested by Labcorp for quality and safety assurance.

🐐 MILK Raw Goat ( First Come - First Served)


    We NO Longer Ship our products
    USPS or other Carriers

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