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Making Ghee for Your Healthy Cooking Oil

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Ghee made from Cow Butter
Homemade Cow Butter Ghee

What is Ghee?

Have you ever melted real Cow Butter, then let it cool?

Did you notice how the golden oil sits on top of a white layer?

When you cool those two layers, you can lift the solid fat off the top.

That layer is Clarified Butter.

Lets take that Clarified Butter just a bit further. If you cook that clarified portion down, letting it top 266 degrees Fahrenheit, the water evaporates and the lactose / proteins experience the “Maillard reaction,” which greatly improves the flavor of the Ghee and anything that you cook with that Ghee.

It is that taste phenomenon when a steak sizzles and becomes crispy, or when a butter brushed pie crust becomes golden and flaky, This is referred to as the Maillard reaction.

What is Ghee used for? You can use Ghee in any recipe that requires cooking oil.

We love to Fry or Broil with Ghee, because it enhances flavor without burning.

Homemade Cow Butter from Churn

KETO Diet Approved

Those individuals who follow a KETO Diet plan know that Ghee is approved as a "healthy fat" according to the diets instructional lists.

Cooking with Ghee vs Butter

Why not just cook / fry with Cow Butter?

Cow Butter does have its place in cooking, but it also has a few drawbacks.

Butter still contains a little lactose, which can cause faster spoilage, as well as an intolerance with some individuals. All Butter also contain a percentage of water, which also reduces its shelf life. Once Butter melts, it cannot return itself to its original consistency, whereby Ghee is able to.

Butter will burn and smoke at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, whereby Ghee has a smoke point over 480 degrees F. That's over 100 degrees higher / hotter without compromising the food that is being prepared. When Ghee is created correctly, it can last for months in the same conditions that would quickly spoil cow butter.

I have my Ghee, how do I store it ?

I keep my Ghee on my stovetop because I use it most everyday. Many people choose to refrigerate Ghee or place it in a cool storage location like a basement. I will home can my Ghee in canning jars in a Hot water Bath to Seal the lids tight so that my jars are shelf stable,

Sealed containers of Ghee can last for years in a cool place. Store it away from light and heat to prolong its life. Once opened, bacteria and moisture can enter, which mean it should be refrigerated if you don’t intend to use it up soon.

Cow Butter Ghee

Opened jars of ghee last about three months in a cool pantry and up to a year in a refrigerator. Freezing Ghee in a freezer safe container will allow it to last indefinitely.

Eventually, like all oils, ghee will go rancid. If you didn’t remove all the moisture and solids, and if the jar wasn’t sealed properly, it will go bad sooner.

To know if your ghee should be tossed out, open the container and sniff it. Does it smell sour or “off?” Has the color changed and is there mold in the jar? If so, throw it out.

How is Ghee Made?

First, start with a few pounds of high quality no salt Cow Butter.

Next heat the Cow Butter in a pot on your stove on medium-low for at least 10 minutes.

It’s not the time that matters; it’s the physical change, no matter how long that takes.

Please see video above for visual assistance / guidance.

As time increases, the cow butter will simmer and foam.

Note: keep watch as it tends to overflow in the beginning. - adjust heat accordingly to avoid that mess. Let it keep cooking until all the solids begin to separate and float around, they will crisp and sink to the bottom of your pot.. After at least 40 mins you will notice that the foam is all but gone. Let the new Ghee cool enough that it’s easy to handle but not solid. Pour it through a fine mesh sieve into sanitized, dry canning jars. Water Bath Can if you have extra. Diana - Sunshine Farms of Paisley, FL

. Below is a Link to our Store where my homemade Ghee is available to Purchase!

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