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Your SEEDING List -February- Zone 9

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

FEBRUARY Start from SEED ---> THIS Month for Florida Zone 9

Central Florida - February is still a risk of Frost - Research the Varieties you will be planting and prepare to watch for LOW Temps each night this month.

We protect our plants (that cannot handle low temps) when any temperature below 40 is predicted. If you are using a Greenhouse, you are protected. Alternative measures include sheets tented over the plants (not touching leaves) - or placing them in a garage or covered area.

Beans Month 1 of 5

Beets 2 of 3

Cantelope 1 of 3

Carrot 2 of 3

Collard 2 of 4

Corn 2 of 4

Cucumber 2 of 3

Eggplant 1 of 2

Kale 2 of 3

Kohlrabi 2 of 3

Lettuce 2 of 3

Mustard 2 of 3

Onion 2 of 3

English Pea 2 of 2

Snow Pea 2 of 2

Peppers 1 of 2

Raddish 2 of 3

Potato 2 of 3

Squash 1 of 3

Sweet Taters 1 of 6

Swiss Chard 2 of 3

Turnips 2 of 3

Watermelon 1 of 2

ALL Information on this Page Relates to ZONE 9 of Central Florida, USA - My Garden!

My "Code" you see after each Seed Variety indicates the timeline in which the variety is currently at for this month (February). For Example . . .

🥒Cucumber reads "2 of 3" --- this means to you that Cucumbers

grow 3 months in this spring season, and that this month (February) is the 2nd month.

This further tells you that they grow Jan-Feb-March.

This tells you even further that -- you are in the Middle of its Timeline, and that if you were planning on growing them this year, seed now ---or forget it.

The ideal temperatures in the harvest time for this plant are expected to expire soon, so there is not much hope for them to make it through the heat that will come if you haven't already got them seeded / planted.

My Rule of Green Thumb is - "Seeding" (starting new seeds) is ok up until the 1/2way mark on the recommended timeline.

Growing a Garden for Healthy Eating is rewarding on so many levels - and the growing season here in Florida grow the best gardens! Enjoy !

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