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Why we Chose a Vintage Lifestyle

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In order to be an active part of this modern day society, we must jump into the group that is traveling down the road with everyone else towards the fast paced future.

But has anyone ever paused to think . . we are all going in the same direction, . . but did anyone in the front even know where they were going, or even why?

and. . . just what are the costs of traveling road ?

We took the First Exit

Sure, we did it too, its the modern age. The possibilities are endless, and most within our reach too, but the Cost, . . to our Health, our Family, our Peace of Mind, . . it was all too much to forfeit for what we valued more. So, we got off that road that everyone else was on, and we decided it was time to live a more vintage lifestyle.

Put it in Reverse

Keep in mind, my husband and I have always been a bit old fashioned. We were raised that way, even though we both hatched in the 60's.

We decided to make some big changes in our lifestyle, literally reversing what we were doing. We started ridding our home of things that we considered to be useless gadgets, and replacing them with older style things that had more strength, durability, and long term use.

If you haven't noticed, today items are made very cheap, very "disposable" and are created inexpensively, with the hopes that you will toss them and re-buy them.

Back in the day, items were handcrafted here in the USA, with pride in workmanship, with the intention that it would last with continual usage, for many years to come. Less clutter, already we are simplifying and minimizing!

The New Normal

We don't pretend to live in the years of old, we simply choose to live the way that people lived many years ago, before modern technology "kidnapped" so many of our friends and family. Its actually a very normal thing for us to do.

Normal for us today, is to make our own meals from scratch, as much as possible,

We garden and grow as much of our own food as we can, we milk our own goats and make our own dairy items such as cheeses, etc, and we buy (or barter/trade) for clean whole foods that we cannot produce on our own homestead.

We wash our dishes by hand, we hang our laundry to dry on the line, we plan our trips out together, and use just 1 automobile.

Yes, we have electricity, and modern day appliances. Yes, we use them.

But I will say,. . . that opening a window on the cool mornings -vs- using the AC all day, hanging your clean laundry on the line -vs- using the dryer, and hand washing dishes -vs- that dishwasher, sure saves on our electric bill, and the Benefits of these choices. . ., well - - that's for another post !

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