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The Battlefield is in the Gut : Antibiotics

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Antibiotics can be a powerful line of defense against Bacterial Infections.

They can work by stopping the infection, or by preventing it from spreading.

Some Antibiotics are broad-spectrum, treating a wide range of

disease-causing bacteria, while others are designed to kill certain species of bacteria.

BOTH will fight with and against the natural design of our body's natural digestive system, so it is VERY Important that we only take them when absolutely necessary.

Lets Talk about - the "Good Guys", The "Bad Guys", and the "Robo Cops".

Our Gut (Digestive System / Stomach) always has Live Active Bacteria in it -

"GOOD" Bacteria that live in there - they help break down our food into usable forms that our Body can absorb and stay Healthy. Lets call these the "Good Guys."

When we are sick, and feverish, this is a outward sign that there is a battle going on within us, and many times it is due to a "BAD" Bacteria that has Hitched a Ride.

Lets call these the "Bad Guys".

If your natural immune system doesn't kick their butts, they will take over the Body and we become Compromised (sick).

Our Physicians look for signs of what type of Bacteria we may be suffering from and prescribe to us a Man Made Antibiotic that He/She feels will help your Body fight it. Lets call these Antibiotics Pills the "Robo-Cops"

As advanced as we are here in 2020, no one has ever yet been able to create an antibiotic that does not directly affect or even kill off the "Good Guys" that are mixed in our Guts.

So when we introduce to our bodies the "Robo Cops" -- they harm, Injure and or Kill most

all of the "Guys" - Good and Bad.

Sometime the cure is the lesser of 2 evils, even when the cure can cause damage too.

SO. . . There is Help ! Yes - YOU can assist your body by REPLACING some of those Good Guys that got caught in the Cross-Fire !

1) PROBIOTICS - Introduce GOOD Live Bacteria to your Gut. Look for "LIVE CULTURED" Dairy, like homemade Yogurt, and Cheeses. Some Grocery Stores will carry "LIVE CULTURED" but you have to really look on the labels to be sure you are getting the live active enzymes in the product, because heating and processing can kill most beneficial good guys quick. (Yes, we make Live Active Homemade Yogurt)

2) PREBIOTICS - Unlike Probiotics, which are live microbes, prebiotics are foods that feed the good bacteria in your gut. FEED the Good Guys that are left, get them strong again. Many high-fiber foods are prebiotic. The fiber is digested and fermented by healthy gut bacteria, allowing them to grow. Red Wine contains antioxidant polyphenols, which are not digested by human cells but are digested by gut bacteria. Cocoa contains antioxidant polyphenols that have beneficial prebiotic effects on the gut microbiota. (Yes, we have a Cocoa Shake and Homemade Red Wine - but the Wine part we cannot offer for sale)

3) EAT WHOLE - EAT REAL Foods. Feed your Body things it needs to repair itself. We were Fearfully and Wonderfully made - Our body has its own healing properties- built in. We have to "Fuel" it with REAL FOOD - not that processed and chemical ridden garbage. Processed foods only give our Guts more work to do, lets give it something it can use to get our bodies healthy again!

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