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The "Pet Consumption" Label

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

"Why are all of your products marked for Pet Consumption?".

Our local Floridians that are new to the concept of changing their diet choices to a more Whole and Nutritious / Non Processed eating plan eventually do find us, and most will ask the question right away - "Why are all of your products marked for Pet Consumption?".

In the United States of America, the consuming of Raw Milk can be a controversial subject depending upon where you live, but definitely not even an eyebrow raising twitch in any other country of the world.

What is "RAW MILK?" Whole, Untreated Milk that has not been Pasteurized.

Whats the big fuss about? Well, for us - its a no brainer. As for me and my household, we drink Raw Milk daily, and we are very healthy.

Our Immune System had never operated in such a flawless capacity before we began drinking raw goats milk. I could go on to tell you stories from our friends and family, as well as our weekly customers that will testify to the benefits they have received from consuming it, not to mention the major reduction of pharmaceuticals/ medications they have simply eliminated due to its amazing healing properties. .

So WHY the Pet Consumption Label?

Because we obey the Law.

The Laws are changing as people are voicing their demands to their local state representatives, but until the bans are lifted, most states either have restrictions, or outright forbid the sale of Raw Milk.

Our Farm , Sunshine Farms of Paisley, FL obtained our Commercial Master Feed License when we opened in 2014. Our Raw Goat Milk is legal to sell here in Florida, provided that we label it as Pet Food. We share the same legal guidelines as the Raw Milk Dairy's in Georgia, Indiana, and Maryland.

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Verlon Williams
Verlon Williams
Apr 24, 2022

Where do you get license and labels in


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