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Meet Cora - the Dry Nurse Nanny Livestock Guardian Dog

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Cora wears many collars around our homestead here at Sunshine Farms of Paisley, Fl.

She loves each job that she is offered. Although this pup was hired as our livestock guardian dog, she has chosen adoption as her favorite past-time..

Note: Cora has had puppies in her past, but she is not lactating / she is not nursing this baby goat - just pacifying him!

I have added the Video below - what a hoot !

caption --- This little guy has some serious suction - Cora doesn't mind at all as she continues to eat her dinner from her dog dish.

You’ve probably seen photos of dogs adopting kittens, bonding with ducklings, or even nursing baby tigers. From the domestic to the exotic, dogs have been known to accept all sorts of non-canine animals into their pack.

Psychologist Dr. Stanley Corin

caption -- Cora nudges the baby goat towards her dry nipples, just like a mother would.

Female dogs are most likely to adopt, and the animals they choose are usually young mammals. Psychologist Dr. Stanley Corin says it boils down to biology.

“All mammals have certain pheromones—simply biological scents—they give off, and they have a certain communication value,”

Dr. Corin explains. “Pheromones indicate if an animal is young and often we find female dogs respond to that and start to mother these animals very much as if they were their own pups.”

Once another animal is accepted and the pair are together for quite some time, a more permanent bond can be established.

“It starts with a female dog who decides to mother something that is young and fuzzy,”

Dogs are social creatures by nature and they crave interaction with humans and non-humans alike.

Even though dogs would rather socialize with other dogs, they will form a bond with a non-canine in the right circumstances.

“Dogs feel very uncomfortable when they’re isolated, so they would much prefer to be with other dogs, but they’ll settle,” Dr. Corin explains. “It’s a companionship kind of a thing.”

Adopting another species into their pack is also a support mechanism.

All dogs crave the companionship of other animals. Although they prefer dogs, biology dictates they will accept other mammals under the right circumstances. This leads to some pretty adorable mixed packs. We are happy that Cora likes our Babies!

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Veronika Wettstein-Stewart
Veronika Wettstein-Stewart
Sep 20, 2022

This is so sweet. I love this about dogs.


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