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5-6oz Slice from the Wheel


Our Parmesan cheese is made from Goat and Sheep's milk and follows a strict, traditional production process.  This cheese is known for its savoury taste and robust, salty, and nutty flavour.

It has a hard and granular texture, which is a result of its ageing process.


Many of the traditional  Parmesan cheese wheels are aged for an extended period, typically around 36 months, and can even be aged for several years, such as this wheel which hit its best at 7 years.

As it matures, its flavour becomes more intense and complex, and its texture drier and grainier.


The cheese is often grated and sprinkled on pasta dishes, salads, and other Italian and Mediterranean dishes. It's a key ingredient in dishes like spaghetti carbonara and risotto.

🧀 PARMESAN Cheese - 7 Year Aged Farm Handcrafted


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