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Spun from stretched curd and initially too soft to place on shelves, this semi-hard cheese is known to take on a wide range of shapes and sizes. Opening with hints of nuts and salty undertones, it is smooth, mild and full of character. Amish Recipe.

Pizza tastes the best when there are two kinds of cheese used in them, the Provolone and the Mozzarella.

 Both of these add good flavour and contribute to the binding of all the other ingredients on the pizza,

but they do have one major problem. It is very difficult to choose between them both. It becomes Mozzarella vs Provolone showdown.

Now when it comes to choosing between Provolone and Mozzarella, you need to know how each of them contributes to making your pizza better in terms of flavour, texture, and the overall taste. 

For instance, the Provolone cheese is cured for a long time, before it is used, giving it a more tangy taste. Whereas, the Mozzarella cheese is used almost immediately after it is made leading to a more buttery flavour. 

Contains Cheese Cultures, Natural Enzymes, Vegetable Rennet. Hand Stretched for the Most Meltable satisfaction.    Made from Raw Goat and Sheep Milk - Amish Recipe


Nutrition Fact Estimates: (per 1oz serving (28g) )

Calories  70

Total Fat 5g

        Saturated 3g

        Trans Fat 0g

Total Carbohydrate 0g

Protein      5g

Calcium   143mg

Potassium 26mg

🧀 PROVOLONE from Goat / Sheep Cheese


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