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ASIAGO Cheese , Flavor reminiscent to Parmesean, but a bit "Nuttier" and Creamer - Semi Soft, but will hand crumble wonderfully for a Salad, Pasta or Pizza. 

  5-6oz size average - Vacuum Sealed. Contains Cheese Cultures, Natural Enzymes, Vegetable Rennet.    Made from Raw Goat and Sheep Milk - Amish Recipe


Nutrition Fact Estimates: (per 1oz serving (28g) )

Calories  111

Total Fat 7.3g

        Saturated 4.7g

        Trans Fat 0g

Total Carbohydrate 0.9g

Protein      10g

Calcium   200mg

Potassium 27mg

🧀 ASIAGO from Goat / Sheep Cheese


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