This Listing is for BLOCK Butter - Grass Fed COW BUTTER -8-9oz molded into a small loaf =$8

Home Churned Cow Butter is a Yellow Creamy Butter, made From Raw Cream

portion of the Raw Milk obtained from our Grass Fed Milking Guernsey Cow

- NO Salt / No Preservatives - You can always add salt youself if you wish.


--FYI Special Order---BY REQUEST------ Glass JAR - GOAT Butter  4oz Jar - Yes this is Small =$8

Goat Butter is a White Oil Butter - No Salt - Similar to Cow Butter in consistency -

but much more difficult to obtain, because It can take up to 2 Gallons of Goat Milk to

Produce 4 oz of Homechurnned Goat Butter. -- Taste is Different than Cow Butter.






BUTTER - COW ๐Ÿ„ / Grass Fed - Block Home Churned


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