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Grass Fed COW BUTTER   8-9oz molded into a small loaf


Our Home Churned Cow Butter is a Yellow Creamy Butter, made From Raw Cream portion of the Raw Milk obtained from our Grass Fed Milking Guernsey Cows. - NO Salt / No Preservatives - You can always add salt youself if you wish.

Colors will vary (deeper / lighter)  as the pasture grass changes with the seasons. 


Nutrition Fact Estimates: (per 1TBSP serving (14g) )

Calories  100

Total Fat  11g

        Saturated  7g

        Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol     30mg

Total Carbohydrate  0g

Protein      0g

Sodium     0mg


🐄BUTTER - (Cow) Grass Fed - 8-9oz Block Home Churned No Salt


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