2021 Has Arrived

The 2020 decline in the economy has been very difficult for small farms and business - too many had to close their doors for good. We are making changes - - the changes needed to survive this "season" of uncertainty. God has His hand on our farm - We know that Nothing is impossible for Him.

We have come to the conclusion that there may never be a "normal" predictable future, and that makes it challenging for us to plan our finances and farm products. We are operating on Faith - that what we do here is not only important to us, but to you- our customers and friends as well.

- - 2020 Changed Us - - We discontinued our booths at public farmers markets. It was just not feasible physically, financially, and health-wise.

We downsized a large portion of our livestock. We began Home Deliveries, and set up an outdoor refrigerator for "Curb-Side" style Pre-Order Pickups. We began growing food for our livestock and our family, and opened our on-site store during our Farm Days.

- - 2021 Goals - - We are going to "personalize" and "specialize" as we are now entering our final phase of downsizing. We have been blessed to have our regular monthly customers who have supported us all the way. YOU will continue to be our primary focus. We will be contacting you this month, to discuss your thoughts and desires for the upcoming spring.

In order to minimize product waste, we are also encouraging more customers to commit to regularly scheduled ordering. While we understand the commitment isn't feasible for everyone, this additional planning will allow us to distribute a greater portion of our perishable products before they expire. Subscribers will have highest priority whenever quantities are limited. If you would like to set-up a periodic (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc) order, please contact us.

THANK YOU for your Continued Support!

There will be other Changes too - and you will see them as they arise.

We just have to cut losses, and find new ways to preserve and not waste.

Our Goats and our Garden can Sustain us

they are of Upmost Importance to us

Now more than EVER.


Without you ------ this really is NOT Possible !


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