Good Changes to Come . . .

Covid 19 changed everything, everywhere.

We all are affected by new practices daily -

it is here to stay and all of us must find ways to make adjustments

in order to be able to flow in this "New Normal".

To Put it Short --

Many Small Farms and Businesses have been forced to close down.

REAL Farms are not large corporations, we do not have any Financial Cushion.

We are not doing what we do to be recognized on Wall Street.

We have a true Love for Good Ole'Fashioned Healthy Farming,

and we sell our surplus Harvests and Goods to you

so that we are able to keep our homesteads running,

and our families and livestock fed.

Personally , and Speaking for Sunshine Farms of Paisley, Florida,

we have never wanted to "go big". I feel you lose too much integrity

and quality when that mind set is taken - its not about fame to me.

Its about giving my Family the best Nutrition i can offer them,

Its about helping my extended family and friends, and customers with

healthy alternatives that they cannot get for themselves, because you

honestly cant do it all - so I'll run the Farm, and have it ready here for you!

Changes? In order for us to cut some of our losses due to the "new normal"

we will be changing a few ways that we offer our products to you.

We have been running our Test Kitchens, and trying new ways to

prepare our surplus items for an extended stock duration.

-- You now have the Option to Create an Log-In Account with us - This will give you a better access to your Past Orders - Your Favorites, and Much More - also easier to communicate back and forth too ! --- Sign up in Top left Corner of this Website.

-- You will begin seeing "Concentrated "Starters" for items like KEFIR and BUTTERMILK.

-- You have already been seeing Home Canned items, and

you will see more.

-- You will begin to see "Frozen" Options on the items that we have tested

for freezer compatability - that is -- will it still maintain its flavor and integrity once it is thawed? We have Tested it ourselves, and will only do this on items that Pass.

-- You will begin to see more of the "Food Saver" packaging for items that preserve much longer without oxygen.

-- You will begin to see SPECIALS each Week - so that we can make Smaller Batches 1x a month instead of every week - Like Cheesecakes, Specialty Cheeses, Cheeseballs, Ect. Making them every week worked great for weekly Farmers Markets, but it is not practical now, so it is much more waste reductive to offer them less frequently.

-- You may be eligible for Refunds on Jar Returns. Yes- we want to buy them back.

Canning Jars are in GREAT SHORTAGE because of the Times we are in - its getting Really tough to find them.

-- Home Deliveries have been running on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS every Week

Farm Store Visits have been on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays Each Month by appt.

-- You may see Medicinal Herb Starters as they become available, we have begun many plantings of time proven herbal remedy plants, bushes, etc.

There will be other Changes too - and you will see them as they arise.

We just have to cut losses, and find new ways to preserve and not waste.

Our Goats and our Garden can Sustain us

they are of Upmost Importance to us

Now more than EVER.


Without you ------ this really is NOT Possible !



©2019 by Sunshine Farms of Paisley Fl.