LIVE Potato Plant -  Red or Yellow - Started from our Organic Potato Cuttings. 

All of our Seedlings are grown from my late mothers Organic Seed Collection - I do not know the Specific "variety" - but my best guess would be "Red Pontiac", and "Kennebec or Yukon Gold" , and they are easy to grow here in Florida. BEST for Crock Pot Stew / Mashed Taters, Soups, they are a Smooth Mild /Sweet and Fleshy, they easily absorb Broth and Hold up !


Growing potatoes in Florida is a great way to really get into gardening. They are easy to grow and these plants produce a lot of food.

Florida can grow regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. Plant in loose soil and in a spot that gets at least 8 hours of sun. You can grow potatoes straight into the garden if you would like or you can grow them vertically in a canister/bucket/bag.

As they grow, slowly cover more and more of the plant with the dirt from the sides of your trenches. As the plant grows if you cover the stem you will cause the plant to produce more roots which equal more potatoes.

If planting into a bag, fill it with 12 inches of dirt and plant your potato starter. As the plant grows, fill the bag with dirt until the plant reaches the top. Some of the bags have a neat window that you can open on the side that allows for easy harvesting.

If in an Open Garden, plant potatoes about 10 inches apart and each row of potatoes 2-3 feet apart.

Potatoes are heavy feeders. You need to water them every day. They do not enjoy drying out.

Potatoes can be harvested at any time in the growing phase. Dig up some of the tubers and see if you are pleased with their size. However, the roots will stop growing when the foliage starts to turn yellow. Either way, spuds tend to stop growing when soil temperatures reach about 80 degrees fahrenheit. You can lovingly monitor your spuds and make sure they’re healthy and happy, or you can harvest them before it gets too hot out; for the softest spuds harvest them about 2-3 weeks after the plants bloom.

When the Plant turns Yellow - your potatoes are as large as their gonna get and this usually takes about 85-130 days.

You can eat the potatoes fresh out of the garden but in order to store your massive harvest of potatoes, you need to “cure” them. This is when the skin on the potato begins to thicken up.

We can do that super easily in Florida, the best environment to cure potatoes in is one with high humidity and moderate temperatures. So any old closet or cupboard will be the best place to store your potatoes.

🌿 LIVE Plant Starter - POTATO - Red and Yellow


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