CELERY grown from home is supposed to blow grocery store celery out of the water! I agree!


All of our Seedlings are grown from my late mothers Organic Seed Collection - I do not know the "variety" - but It is the Best Celery to grow here in Florida ! (and the taste is Wonderful!)



To GROW:  Celery you will need an area with part shade. Hopefully, the shade could be cast during the warmest parts of the day. This will help lower the temperature around the plant.

You will also need a spot with well-draining organic-rich soil.  Container Pots will Do !

Don’t forget the mulch, especially when it comes to celery. The celery plant has very shallow roots and needs to have the soil constantly moist. A thick layer of mulch will be your best friend. Supplying this plant with enough water is a challenge that many home gardeners don’t enjoy.

Drip hoses set to timers would be a good option to combat this challenge. (I enjoy my watering Can!)  Do note--- If celery is mature and the soil is allowed to go dry, the stalks will become tough and stringy. So tough that you may not be able to eat them raw.


To FEED:   Since celery has shallow roots it benefits greatly from regular fertilizing. Every 1-2 weeks I would apply a water-soluble fertilizer to celery. Something like Jobe’s Organic All-purpose fertilizer (Check price) which is a 5-2-3 would work just fine.


To HARVEST:  Depending on the variety, you can expect to for your celery to be fullt mature anywhere from 80 – 140 days after plantings.

Celery stalks are actually edible at any stage of growth so you don’t have to wait the full time but you also don’t want to be eating baby sized celery stalks either. I Nip mine whenever I want a fresh stalk, and it keeps on growing !





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