14oz Glass Jar, Pressure Canned Garden Tomato --

You have Never tasted Tomato Soup like this! 

Contains our own Homegrown Tomatos, our own Chicken Broth,  Onion, Sea Salt, Pepper

and a Drop of Raw Honey (helps relieves acid) ---also----> Thickened NATURALLY by using our

Homegrown Celery and Potatoes that were cooked down and Strained/Pureed!!

NO Chemicals, NO Preservatives --- REAL Homecooking from our Garden.


Ready to use as is - - - or - - for a filling cream style soup , add 1/2 of the jar with Half and Half or Whole Milk. (thats the way I eat lunch!)

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Pressure Canned  

Refrigerate after opening


SOUP - ๐Ÿ… Garden TOMATO -14oz Homecanned


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