Raw Goat Milk is the UNIVERSAL MILK to feed all milk drinking animals -

It is safely digestable and higher in natural immunity boosters, vitamins and adds weight naturally

above and beyond any and all human recipes for infant animal nursing formulas. (Separation can occasionally occur in frozen items)


INGREDIENTS :  Local Florida Farm Fresh Goat Milk.

Nothing Added / Nothing Removed 

NOT Pasteurized - NOT Homoginized - Immediately Strained and QUICK Frozen


Fresh Hand Milked twice per day from Large Swiss Dairy Goats of the Nubian, Toggenburg, Oberhalsi, LaMancha, and Alpine Breeds. Each of our Goats have a Name, they are in top Health. A Full time Staff member attends to their every need. All of our milking goats are on site for visiting and education.

CONTENTS : 1/2 Gallon Frozen Plastic Jug


PLEASE bring an Insulated Cooler upon your Orders Pickup.


Per Florida Law - Statutes Title 33, #502 - Raw Dairy is Sold for the Intention of Pet Consumption Our Florida Farm Master Feed Licence #Z002639

FROZEN Goat Milk


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