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14oz Glass Jar -  Please Return Clean Empty Jars 

Aside from making your kitchen smell like a buttery wonderland, clarifying butter removes the solid particles suspended in the butterfat. Ghee takes it a bit further by simmering out more of the water. The resulting liquid gold is useful for all kinds of kitchen projects, from curries and stir-fries to pastries and hollandaise sauce. Yum.


Ghee is a Clarified Style of Butter -- Whereby the Lactose is Carmelized and Strained out - Leaving a more

clarified Buttery Oil product. Ghee is  Keto Friendly, with a Wonderful Nutty Taste. With a Higher Cook Temp of up to 425 degrees,   Ghee makes a great alternative to Oilive Oil.

Made from Farm Fresh Home Churned Gernsey Cow Butter.


Nutrition Fact Estimates: (per 1TBSP serving (14g) )

Calories  140

Total Fat  14g

        Saturated  9g

        Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol     30mg

Total Carbohydrate  0g

Protein      0g

Sodium     0mg



🐄GHEE - (Cow) - 14oz Cooking Oil - Lactose Strained Out KETO


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