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16oz Glass Jar - Steeped, Condensed into a flavorful natural healing Tonic


The Elderberry plant is one of the most powerful Natural Healing aids for preventing and treating Colds and Influenza because of its Immune Boosting and Antiviral properties.

The Most Common Medicinal Uses are Immune-Enhancing, and are often Combined with Ginger as a remedy for Colds and Flus, The Berries have Powerful ANTIVIRAL Properties and have proven helpful in treating a variety of VIRAL Infections including FLU, SHINGLES, and HERPES. 

-------> Rosemary Gladstars Medicinal Herbs- Natural Health Magazine

Cooked Elderberries are thought to decrease pain and inflammation,  reduce symptoms of upper respiratory infections, and prevent or even  shorten the duration of Viral infections/outbreaks.

INGREDIENTS:  (Homemade on our Farm)

  • Organic Elderberries, Steeped in Water to a concentrated form with
  • Local Raw Honey,
  • Cinnamon,
    Cloves and
  • Raw Ginger Root.

Reccomended Uses:  Daily Immune Boosting, as well as a Natural Treatment for SINUS / Ear nose throat issues, congestion, FLU and Colds, and Viral Infections and Outbreaks.

The best Homemade tonic for a quick release of Relief / or Protection from the "Cooties"


Please Read--- We are Not a Medical Doctor, nor do we pretend to be one.

All claims made regarding our products are from our own personal use, our own personal experience, and our customers use and feedback, along with lots of reading/research. 

PLEASE check with your personal physician before changing any of your own personal medications or adding any new herbal remedies - there is always a chance that a natural herb may interfere with the performance of your doctors plan for you or his/her instructions.


(As for me and my household- we have changed to Herbal and Natural Aids in lieu of Big Pharma)


⛨ ELDERBERRY Tonic Syrup - 16oz Immune FLU Cold - ANTIVIRAL Respitory

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