Herbal-Natural Gut Healing Fermentation - LIVE.


Live Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar FIRE CIDER.   

INGREDIENTS :Homemade LIVE Apple Cider Vinegar with "Mother"

Added to Live ACV for Extended Fermentation :

  • Ginger Root,  (Circulatory Herb, Colds and Flu Antibacterial fighting))
  • Garlic Bulbs,    ("Poor mans Penicillin" Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial/Antibacterial)
  • Onion Bulbs,    (Along w/garlic fights infections/lowers cholesterol, great on colds/flu)
  • Lemons,             (Antioxidants / vitamin C)
  • Oranges,            (Antioxidants / vitamin C)
  • Apples,               (Feeds "mother" in Cider- Antioxidants)
  • Blueberries,      (Antioxidants)
  • Jalapenos,        (Cardiovascular Herb / Sinus, Congestion)
  • Cayenne,            (Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Moves Blood)
  • Horesradish Root, (Opens Breathing, Sinus passages)
  • Red Beets,            (Heart / Cardiovascular Health)
  • Peppercorns,       (Similar to Peppers, Sinus, Circulatory)
  • Local Raw Honey,   (Soothes Stomach Lining / Antioxidants / Immune Boosting Properties)
  • Elderberries,        (Ear,Nose,Throat - Antibacterial, opens breathing, inflamation, antioxidants)

Fermented 12 weeks, and Strained.

(Ok to keep on Counter or Refrigerate -May grow SCOBY)


GUT Health, Immune System, Ear nose throat - Also helps with Digestive Absorbtion - IBS / GUT


For Healthy Immune System Maintenance -- 2-4oz DAILY

If Feeling Cold/Flu Symptoms - or have been exposed -- 2oz up to 4X Daily

Can Drink As-Is - or - Dilute into a glass of Water - or- Use as a Salad Dressing.

Return Clean Empty Jars for Credit


Please Read--- We are Not a Medical Doctor, nor do we pretend to be one.

All claims made regarding our products are from our own personal use, our own personal experience, and our customers use and feedback, along with lots of reading/research. 

PLEASE check with your personal physician before changing any of your own personal medications or adding any new herbal remedies - there is always a chance that a natural herb may interfere with the performance of your doctors plan for you or his/her instructions.


(As for me and my household- we have changed to Herbal and Natural Aids in lieu of Big Pharma)

⛨ ACV Fire Cider IMMUNE Boosting - 32 oz LIVE Probiotic Gut Health


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